Microsoft Office 2010 Protected View Feature

Did you upgrade to Office 2010?  Since that upgrade, have you found that when you download documents from eCollege, or open attachments from your email there is an orange banner across the top indicating the document is opened in Protected View?  This can get old in a hurry!

Office 2010 has a new security feature that allow users to open “potentially dangerous” documents in a Protected View.   It’s nice that Microsoft is looking out for us, but it can get annoying having to click the Edit Enabling button for each attachment opened.

There is a way to turn off the Protected View settings.  In Microsoft Word:

  • Click the File tab and click Options (near the bottom of the list)
  • Click Trust Center (bottom of the list) and click the Trust Center Settings button (located to the right).
  • Click on Protected View.  You will see three check boxes under the Protected View heading:
    • Enable Protected View for files originating from the Internet
    • Enable Protected View for files located in potentially unsafe locations
    • Enable Protected View for Outlook attachments
  • Deselect each of these three options and click OK to close out of all the windows.

You will want to perform this same procedure on each of the Microsoft Office applications you use.

If you’ve had other experiences with an Office 2010 application, please share with the rest of us. We’d like to learn from you, or may be help you through an issue.  Participants welcome!!

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